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Solo Parent Travel Documentation: A Helpful List
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Taking one-on-one trips with my son is one of my favorite ways to explore the world. Sharing his excitement as we explore and learn together is enriching for both of us and has, without a doubt, bonded us through our mutual curiosity and sense of adventure. However, as part of … Read More

A Magical Kid-Friendly Experience: Snorkeling with Manta Rays!
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One of the most magical things about learning to snorkel is the new experiences available to you and your child. The underwater world is filled with creatures that we still know so little about, some so fantastical, they seem like something we created in a dream. Manta Rays, the ballet … Read More

Swimming with Manatees – A Guaranteed Smile!
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Close your eyes and picture a manatee. If you are familiar, their faces look a little like a cow, with the whiskers of a seal, and the personality of a puppy. They are adorable, lovable, and sadly, defenseless. Did you know you can have an experience with them, in the … Read More

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