Storyteller. Writer. Conservationist. 

I’m Michelle.  My story begins with parents from opposite sides of the world who instilled adventure and curiosity in me from my earliest moments. I lived most of my formative years overseas, blessed with friends from all corners of the world.  Many years and many miles later, I arrived back in the country we labeled “Home”, but like most third-culture kids, I found little I could relate to. Not surprisingly, my journey quickly took me back overseas as a diplomat, and then to the corporate world, managing cross-cultural teams and clients. Immersing myself in new places isn’t just a checkbox; it is in my DNA.

I am more at home when I am roaming. Each new experience simply leaves me wanting more.  Becoming a parent has not slowed my journey.  Rather, I have found new joy in looking at the world through my child’s view.

No Place Like Roam is where I share my thoughts and views on travel: the privilege and the bias we bring as travelers, and ways to be a socially conscious traveler (and how to raise one too!).  I hope you’ll join my journey, and I hope it inspires you to ROAM.

No Place Like Roam

“No Place Like Roam is an adventure travel brand seeking to educate and inspire individuals and parents looking for travel that is socially conscious, sustainable, respectful to local people and the environment, and filled with unique and soul-filling experiences.  

Bringing a unique worldview to the conversation, Michelle’s purposeful storytelling abilities combined with 20 years of corporate strategy make No Place Like Roam a go-to source for travel enthusiasts, parents, and brands looking to drive ROI in the travel space.

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