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It’s a Small World After All!

Connecting with other like-minded adventurers makes the journey all the more fun.  I would love to hear from you and learn more about your journey, so drop me a line.  

Are you looking for:

  • A fresh and diverse voice to promote your travel destination, property, or experience?
  • A relatable and inspiring speaker with a unique background and point of view for your next conference, summit, or event?
  • Hoping to work together on a campaign?
  • A seasoned and experienced traveler with 20 years of corporate experience to consult on your brand and opportunities to build ROI?
  • Want to share feedback or have a story/idea to share?
  • Interested in licensing content from the site?

Send me an email at hello@noplacelikeroam.com or fill out the form on the right.  

I can also be reached via our social media platforms, so be sure to connect with me there!

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